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It's All About You
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Hiring a personal trainer is a big deal. Over 75% of of people who start at a gym without a personal trainer quit within six weeks. Having the right personal trainer makes the difference between reaching your goals or not.
It's a totally individual activity. From weight loss, specific sports event or building a stronger, leaner body, I'll design a bespoke programme and give you 100% to help you achieve your goal.
Train in complete privacy at my exclusive, purpose built, spacious and fully equipped personal training gym and fitness studio in Barnsley.
This means no distractions, no waiting for equipment to become free and nobody staring!
Train With Or Without Me
All of my clients receive free access to my exclusive app. This gives you access to thousands of exercise demonstrations, your personal workouts, nutrition plans, progress tracking, and goals. You can also log your own exercises as you do them. We both get to see your results so that we can adjust and progress even when you're not training with me. Download it for free on iOS or Android.
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Personal Training Rates

All of my clients receive;

Free initial consultation.
Comprehensive health check.
Body measurements and progress photo album.
Body Mass Index check.
Body fat, hydration and muscle quality analysis.
Short, medium and long term goal planning.
Lifestyle review.
Nutritional advice with macro analysis.
Monthly reviews and progress reports.
Bespoke exercise prescriptions.
Personal web portal with online session booking.
Free chilled drinks.
10% Discount on supplements.
Free medical referrals.
24 Hour phone, text, email and online messaging support.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long before I start to see results?
It really depends on how much you put into each session and how often you work out. It also varies depending on your diet. My clients usually begin to feel the difference after the first session! You'll go on to see visible changes between two and four weeks.
How long does a Personal Training session last?
Your session is booked as a 45-minute appointment, although this can vary depending on the type and intensity of each separate session.
Will I need to buy any equipment?
No. All the training equipment you’ll need is provided. You'll just need some trainers and comfortable training clothes to work out in, but these needn't be expensive.
Can I lose weight without adding bulky muscles?
Definitely! Personal Training isn’t only about building muscles. It’s also about developing excellent overall fitness and making changes to your body that suit you as an individual. Whatever your fitness goal, I'll develop a plan to help you achieve it.
Can I define my body without looking pumped up?
Yes. Everybody is built different, but our anatomy and physiology are all pretty much the same. A program of exercise can be developed to ensure you achieve the specific goals you're looking for.
It's quite an investment. Can I come in for a chat before I commit?
Of course! You're more than welcome to come and view the facilities, have a chat over coffee and let me know what you'd like to achieve.
Can I train with a friend?
That’s a great idea and one that is quite popular. Not only does training with a friend increase your motivation to work harder, it also makes the session more fun, and it costs less too. Booking a double session will save you money.
I have some health issues that may affect my ability to exercise. Will these stop me from training?
Not necessarily. You'll be asked to complete a short questionnaire about any health problems and your current lifestyle, but this will not necessarily stop you from exercising. If you are unsure about whether you should start a training program, please ask us.
I'm quite shy and self conscious about my body,
It’s perfectly normal to be self conscious or nervous at first. I guarantee that you will feel more relaxed at the end of your first session. Body image is something that most people have an issue with, so you’re not alone.
What should I wear?
Wear something slightly loose fitting an that you feel comfortable working out in. Try to avoid over-sized or something that may restrict your movement.
Are you qualified and insured?
Yes. I'm trained to a professional standard with worldwide recognised qualifications and fully comprehensive insurance.
Any other questions? Just ask. Click Here to contact me.
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