Anna's Story
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Anna, how long had you been unhappy with your body before you called me?
"It must have been about 8 years I think. I'd always been chubbier than my older sister and I just kind of accepted that I was 'big-boned' as my Dad used to say. After I left university a friend of mine got me to join her Zumba class and it was only after the first class that I realised just how unfit and overweight I was. I only lasted that first class and I was too embarrassed to ever go back. It was the week after that class that I phoned you."

Would you say that I've helped you achieve exactly what you asked me to?
"Yes... and then some! My only goal when I met you was to lose weight. I had no idea about diet, exercise or how it would affect me. I learned so much about how to make my body look and feel better. It's not just about losing the excess weight. It's to do with changing your habits so that you enjoy a healthier lifestyle. You taught me that it doesn't have to be all hard work and only eating lettuce. I also learned that fad diets are just counter-productive."

Looking back to that first call to me in 2013, what's the best thing to come out of your personal training experience?
"Obviously the weight loss, but the thing that's really boosted my confidence is that I now run my own Zumba classes! That first class I went to back in 2013 hurt me so much, so to now be running my own classes feels amazing. I also help overweight women who come to the class and give them the confidence that I lacked at that time. Best of all though, I made a new friend. You :)"
Muscle Food
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