Daniel's Story
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So, Daniel. What influenced you to start personal training with me?
"I was already a member of a gym, but whilst they had personal trainers, they all looked very young and inexperienced. Despite me losing twelve Stones after a gastric band operation, I was still four Stones heavier than my goal weight. My weight had plateaued for nine months so it was clear that I needed some professional help. I was conscious about my body, so being able to train in a private gym, one-to-one with you, made me feel more comfortable."

How did you feel just before your first ever personal training session with me?
"Before the initial consultation I was very nervous. I was committed to continuing my weight loss journey, and having a personal trainer is a big step. During the consultation it quickly became obvious that you're very knowledgeable and experienced, and (perhaps more importantly) a nice guy. Someone who would be as committed to me achieving my goal as I was. The very first personal training session was fine. I was obese at the time and you took small steps, not like an army type boot camp session, which just wouldn't suit me."

So now you've achieved your weight loss goal, what advice would you give to anyone who is considering personal training with me?
"Do it! Don't hesitate! Yes, it costs money, but it's not just about the cost - it's about the value. I'd recommend trying ten sessions and look at your own results. My experience with you as a trainer has been awesome and I've achieved my weight loss goal now, which I'm delighted about. I'm also getting fitter and starting to tone up. Training with you gives me the confidence to use my regular gym on my own, and the knowledge I have gained about health and nutrition is equally as important. However, attending the training session once a week is only the start. You need a lot of motivation and self discipline. It's not an easy journey (if it was you'd have done it by now), and there'll be highs and lows, but overall it is definitely worth it."
Muscle Food
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