Dave's Story
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Dave, how does motivation compare when personal training with me as opposed to going to the gym alone?
"The personal training greatly improves my motivation rather than if I was just training alone because my progress is reviewed at every session and adjustments can be quickly made to my programme to change an aspect that may not be having the desired effect. Having to check-in every week, and on my app, encourages me to work harder in between sessions as I don't want to let either of us down. "

What difference does personal training with me make to you in relation to reaching your goals ?
"At the outset goals were discussed and agreed with you and these are reviewed on a regular basis. Having the set in stone is great for reminding me why and what I'm trying to achieve. Being able to track my progress on my app is a great way of seeing my progress at a glance, and also shows the areas that need extra attention. Having your expert advice on hand throughout the session allows for discussions to take place relating to technique, alternative exercises and a good in-depth knowledge as to what the exercise is designed to do and why it has been chosen for me."

What would you say to someone who thinks that personal training costs too much?
"Personal training is a commitment of time, effort and money. You need to be committed if you are serious about embarking on it. Having one-to-one training in a private studio environment is ideal for those who find the gym environment intimidating and I thin the rates reflect a value option for this."
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