Each client is unique. You have individual ambitions and particular traits that determine how well you'll respond to personal training. Here are some of our clients giving their thoughts on their own experiences. If you'd like to chat with any of these clients, get in touch and we'll arrange it for you.
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Katie came to me in December 2013 after ten years of failed attempts to lose weight through slimming clubs. Her goal was to lose almost half of her bodyweight. Click Here to read about her personal training experience.
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Daniel has been a client since February 2015. His goals were to lose body fat and achieve a target weight. Click Here to read his story and what he thinks about his personal training experience.
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Anthony has been a client since December 2014. His original goal was to improve his fitness but he has developed new interests including weight lifting and running. Click Here to find out his experiences of training with me.
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Anna began her life change in October 2013. Her before and after photos are testament of the hard work and dedication she invested. Click Here to find out more about Anna's experiences.
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Dave had tried other forms of exercise including gyms and classes but wasn't getting the results he wanted. Click Here to find out how I helped Dave improve his physique.
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