Katie's Story
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Katie, tell me how you felt on the day before you called me?
"I still find it really upsetting to talk about, Colin, you know that! But I want to talk about it because it reminds me how far I've come. The day before I rang you I'd come out of a slimming club meeting in tears. I lost just under half a Stone with them over a year and I just seemed to be paying money to talk about all the food I couldn't eat and I was barely losing a few ounces each week. I just felt like crap. I felt ugly, even smelly! I hated my reflection, could hardly fit in my bath anymore! My feet were starting to feel numb, I had no energy and was on anti-depressants which were making me feel even more lethargic and useless. I still remember that first day I came to see you. It was the first time I cried happy tears since I got married!"

How would you describe the programme I've been asking you to work with?
"It's not easy, and I never expected it to be. But it's really manageable and the thing I loved most is that you don't ban any foods. I did ache for a few days after the first few exercise sessions, but I got used to it and even though it was never easy, it became a challenge I wanted to succeed at rather than punishing hard work. The other thing that I loved is that the programme changed constantly and I never knew what to expect. I never understood how much time it must take you to keep up with us all but jeeze, it works!"

You reached your goal months ago and you're still coming to see me once a week. Why?
"Two reasons, Col. First, I want to build on what I've achieved. I get such a buzz from exercising and it makes me feel great for the rest of the day. Second, I love your humour! You have such a fantastic personality and I love being around you. Thanks!"
Muscle Food
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